Life is for the living, but death is for them too
Higher Forms of Murder, better things to do
Slaughtering the innocent, for peace we’re waging war
Nothing less than the whole wide world is what we’re fighting for

Chemical Warfare........Every night and day
Chemical Warfare........Millions die that way
Chemical Warfare........Empty buildings stand
Chemical Warfare........All across the land

Pedestrians collapse coughing, people drop like flies
Very swift yet painfully the population dies
Wait til poison dissipates, armies moving in
Building up the rubble, Evil it did win

Chemical Warfare........Mangled bodies rot
Chemical Warfare........Cremating the lot
Chemical Warfare........The Capitol they’ll seize
Chemical Warfare........Defeated us with ease

Now that they’ve got the USA they’ll build the new Fourth Reich
Wipe out third world countries, murder who they like
Land of Paranoia don’t fear anymore
They found what they needed, they won the Third World War

Chemical Warfare........Waited O so long
Chemical Warfare........Now they’ll sing their song
Chemical Warfare........This is their great day
Chemical Warfare........Now they have their way


from JESUS CORPSE D​.​N​.​R. = LIVE IN SPANISH HARLEM, track released January 30, 2011



all rights reserved


ICONICIDE New York, New York

ICONICIDE are a NYC based band whose sound has ranged from sludgy political dirges to blazing fast thrash, from toe tapping street punk to a lethal mix of dub reggae and death metal. Underlying it all has been what spurred frontman Chris (the Antimessiah) to start the band back in 1988: the stripped down, no nonsense, rip out your guts sound of Early 80s New York Hardcore. ... more

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